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    • Spanish Premiere of WELCOME TO THE WORLD

      Welcome to the World, written and starring Albert, will premiere in Spain at the 6th Annual Shorty Week Film Festival. The film screens Saturday, June 29, 2019, at 12:45pm at the historic Castillo de Santa Catalina in [...]

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    • Teaser for INCARNATIONS Wraps Production

      The teaser for Albert's upcoming feature-length science-based film Incarnations has wrapped production. The teaser features Anthony Robert Grasso as Dr. Thomas Hunter, a grieving biologist who discovers startling [...]

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    • WELCOME TO THE WORLD Returns to New York City

      After screening on six continents, Welcome to the World returns home to New York City for the 6th Annual The Americas Film Festival of New York, running June 13-22, 2019. Welcome to the World is one of nine fiction short[...]

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