Logline: Desperate to reunite with his deceased four-year-old son, a brilliant Ivy League biologist journeys to Tibet, sacrificing his career and marriage to obsessively pursue the meaning of a mysterious epigenetic marker—the “fingerprint of the soul”—that may be proof of reincarnation.

Comps: The scientific obsession and parental grief of Arrival meets the beauty and spirituality of Seven Years in Tibet.

Written by Albert M. Chan, Incarnations is a grounded sci-fi drama feature screenplay that is “Black List Endorsed/Recommended.”

Incarnations was recently selected for a 2022-2023 Humanitas New Voices Fellowship as a work that explores the human condition in a nuanced, meaningful way.

Incarnations won First Place in the Best Screenplay competition at the Oscar-accredited 2021 Rhode Island International Film Festival. The screenplay was also a finalist for the Tracking Board Launch Pad Feature Competition, Screencraft Film Fund, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices Screenplay Competition, Emerging Screenwriters Genre Screenplay Competition, and Emerging Screenwriters Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition.

The Verge of Seas

Logline: A troubled gay man discovers the shocking truth about himself and of the universe when his husband and adopted children mysteriously vanish on a trip to his childhood home in Montana.

Comps: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets The Fugitive meets gay.

The Verge of Seas, a feature screenplay written by Albert M. Chan, is a gay sci-fi love story.