Welcome to the World

“Leading man Albert M. Chan… plays an emotionally raw man with a grace and ease that is often only seen within some of the most high end actors… Packs a huge punch… to create such an impact on a viewer in only seven minutes with just one man, a script and a camera certainly speaks volumes of the skills that Chan has as a director, writer and performer”
—Rachel Pullen, (UK Film Review)

“Chan gives a gripping, heartfelt and sincere performance which plunges you into the murky waters of modern humanity and masculinity… How he squeezes so much raw emotion into a single shot makes this the best possible way to spend—and put into perspective—the next seven minutes of your life.”
—Max White, (OC Movie Reviews)

“Riveting… Chan’s performance is deeply moving… one of intelligence and insight”
—Richard Propes, (The Independent Critic)

“Intelligent, inventive, and inspired… Chan does a fantastic job… drawing you in with every word… The finale is a stroke of creative brilliance and artistry”
—Kirk Fernwood, (One Film Fan)

The Commitment

“Emotional resonance, joy and heartbreak… brought beautifully to life by both Chan and Fenton, whose relaxed and authentic chemistry affords this film a refreshing intimacy and universality. Both Chan and Fenton leave a strong impression… with Chan particularly nailing the film’s lighter moments… This is a film that would be difficult to pull off if not for its tremendously talented cast.”
—Richard Propes (The Independent Critic)

“There’s nothing simple about this film. Filled with a depth of emotion, The Commitment is really a tale of love and what you’ll go through for it.”
—Brian Morton (Rogue Cinema)

“A fine dramatic film with some soft, almost deadpan comedic moments.”
—Mark Bell (Film Threat)

Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future

“The acting is pitch perfect and Chan and Chen turn in wonderful performances… Chan’s careful compositions carry a wonderful emotional impact… a beautiful cinematic tone poem.”
—Philip Smolen (Rogue Cinema)

“Emotionally resonant… Paced beautifully and told with intelligence and wisdom.”
—Richard Propes (The Independent Critic)

“Subtle and poetic.”
—Theo Alexander (Unsung Films)