The Children Cinema Awards has shortlisted The Butler and the Ball as a semi-finalist for Best Short Film by a Young Filmmaker. The awards ceremony takes place at Pathé Tuschinski Cinema in Amsterdam.

The Butler and the Ball, an urban fairy tale about a lonely boy who enters a contest to become the new butler of a grieving, reclusive singer, is directed by eight-year-old Andrew Chan-Possemato, who wrote and produced it with Albert.

Children Cinema Awards is an international film festival which showcases and promotes films for children and teenagers with the goal to entertain young audiences with fun, colorful, diverse, positive and stimulating films that broaden their imagination, creativity and development. Children Cinema Awards is overseen by the Cinematography Awards Foundation, an association of film festivals that highlight excellence in cinematography.

Children Cinema Awards is a member of the European Children’s Film Association, helping to provide access to a wider variety of European cinema to children worldwide. ECFA has more than 125 members comprised of companies and organisations from 36 different countries.