In addition to the two acting nominations announced last week, Albert’s adoption drama The Commitment has been nominated for the Jose Sarria Memorial Award for Best Drama Short Film at the upcoming San Antonio QFest.

The award is named after Jose Sarria, a drag queen that lead the fight for gay rights from the night club stage. He fought against the corrupt police departments that was extorting bribes from gay clubs and jailing gay men. His acts, normally arias, were tweaked to shed light on this struggle. In 1961 he ran for the SF Board of Supervisors and is thought to be the first openly gay candidate to run for public office anywhere in the world. His most enduring legacy was his establishment of the Imperial Court System which now operates worldwide.

The Commitment was nominated last week for two acting awards: the John Fryer Memorial Award for Best Male Performance and the Marsha P. Johnson Memorial Award for Best Portrayal of an LBGT Minority.

Written and directed by Albert, The Commitment screens at City Base Cinema on Friday, October 14th, 2016, at 7:50pm within the program block JOURNEY. According to the festival, “These films comprise the journey that each of us takes in life. Whether it is a journey to acceptance by society at large or a personal journey of finding acceptance of ourselves, each of us journey in life gaining new wisdom and new ways of viewing our world.” Tickets are on sale here.