Richard Propes, The Independent Critic, describes Welcome to the World as a “riveting piece of human drama”. He praises Albert M. Chan‘s performance as “deeply moving without ever seeming to stretch for those deep emotions… an indicator that he’s in touch with his character and demands dignity for every step of his journey”. He concludes, “Welcome to the World is the kind of find that lingers in your brain long after the closing credits have rolled by, from the illuminating final sequences to the revelation of new life to the honest, heartfelt journey of one young man in a world where he is seemingly surrounded yet feels so incredibly alone.” Click here for the full review.

Welcome to the World is a daring film about a troubled man who records a video message for his pregnant sister. Taking place on the brink of a new life, this compelling film explores what it means to be human and the courage it takes to be fully alive. Drawing its power and immediacy from its first-person, confessional style, Welcome to the World presents, in real time, the journey of one man’s awakening from isolation back to humanity. The film stars Albert M. Chan and is directed by Albert M. Chan and Anthony Grasso.