Albert was featured in the lead segment this morning on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation‘s national morning radio show, The Current, the most listened to radio show in Canada, reaching over 2.3 million listeners every week. Albert, in New York, was a panelist along with Mallory Yu in Washington, D.C., a producer and movies editor for NPR‘s All Things Considered, and Rebecca Sun in Los Angeles, a senior reporter with The Hollywood Reporter, discussing with guest host Laura Lynch the new movie Crazy Rich Asians and what the movie means for representation in the film and entertainment industries.

“Growing up in Canada, I think Canada has always been very progressive” Albert said, “and I remember in the 90’s Mina Shum’s Double Happiness and Sandra Oh winning the Best Actress Genie. But in the U.S. you know Asian big budget movies in Hollywood are few and far between. And just the fact that Hollywood is starting to see a potential source of revenue in Asian American audiences is very exciting because once that door is opened and they see that you know there is a market there, I think you’ll start to see in the next one or two years other projects that will try to emulate that success.”

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