Albert’s feature-length science-based screenplay Incarnations has been announced as a semifinalist in the Spring 2019 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Screenwriting Lab.

Judges’ comments include: “The concept is original and intriguing… The characters and relationships are the strongest part of this story and it sets a strong foundation for plot… Dialogue is natural and conversational… powerful… refreshingly honest… The ending was incredibly emotive… It’s satisfying in the way that it gives a sense of resolution for storylines and characters. There are meaningful messages that we’re left with, that we’ve learnt along the journey with the characters… This is a well-written script by a talented writer. Overall the story is heartfelt, intriguing and entertaining.”

WeScreenplay Diverse Voices encourages stories told by writers of color, women writers, writers with disabilities, writers over 40, writers in the LGBTQ+ community, and any other voices that have historically been ignored by Hollywood. Finalists will be announced on June 15, 2019; and the Grand Prize and category winners will be announced on July 15, 2019. Four winners will be flown out to Los Angeles for mentorship and meetings with industry professionals in the Screenwriting Lab.

Incarnations, written by Albert, is about a grieving biologist who discovers startling scientific evidence revealing the fate of his deceased four-year-old son, launching him on a spiritual quest where life meets death. The project was recently named a finalist for the Launch Pad Feature Competition and the Screencraft Film Fund.