Albert’s first film as director, Fate Scores, has been sent to the Ukraine-Poland border where families with children are waiting long hours to cross the border and get transport.

The nonprofit Psaroloco Media Literacy Project/Labs, winner of a 2021 UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy Award, is requesting films for children with NO DIALOGUE, ANY LENGTH, RIGHTS AND FEES WAIVED to play in Przemyśl, Medyka, and other points along the Poland-Ukraine border. Downloadable films can be sent to:

Soultana Tatiana Koumoutsi, CEO and Founder of the Psaroloco Media Literacy Project/Labs, writes, “Many mothers/ families are currently waiting in line at the border with their children for 12 hrs at a time in the cold. Once they cross, they have to wait further for transport. Exhausted, having to keep it together for their kids. Everything is progressing dramatically and we are trying to move fast. We are scrambling to set up a points in Przemyśl, Medyka, and literally along the crossing where mothers wait either to cross or for transport with their children. Holding screenings and distractions for children is crucial in giving the little ones a moment of light through the trauma, and the mothers a moment to breathe. And hopefully see a smile on some of the children’s faces.”

Fate Scores was written, directed, and produced by Chan, and edited and shot by Aaron Howland of 7 Fluid Oz. Productions. Albert and Heidi Rhodes star in this experimental silent film about isolation, connection, and chance. Two strangers, a guitarist (Albert) and an introspective young woman (Rhodes), cross paths at a city park bench. One by one, additional strangers join the pair on the bench – a distressed woman in a foot cast, an insecure jogger, a famished pregnant woman, an insecure businessman, a curious child with an ice cream cone, two quarrelsome women, and a dignified collector of soda cans. Amidst a whirlwind of interactions that lead to both harmony and discord, the guitarist and the young woman eventually discover they have something special in common.

Fate Scores was recognized by the National Film Board of Canada and is distributed by Moving Images Distribution.