Albert is part of the cast of Going My Way, which screens at the 2022 Boston International Film Festival on Saturday, April 16, 2022, at The Majestic 7, Arsenal Yards, in Watertown, MA, at 9pm.

In Going My Way, Albert plays Dr. Fisher, a neuro-oncologist who diagnoses a grandmother with glioblastoma. The film is directed and produced by Rob Margolies (Immortal, She Wants Me, All You Can Eat), and written by Michele Mortensen who also stars in the film.

Chan has a long-standing relationship with the festival, now in its 20th year. In 2018, the festival screened Chan’s Welcome to the World. In 2015, the festival screened Chan’s Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future; Chan attended the screening that year along with lead actress and Golden Globe nominee Tina Chen. In 2013, the festival screened Chan’s The Commitment. In 2009, Chan attended the festival’s Boston premiere of Fate Scores, written, directed, and produced by Chan. In 2006, the festival premiered the psychological thriller Interrogation, featuring Chan in the supporting role of Lieutenant Charles David Han.