Gays With Kids, the world’s leading digital media company, social network, and safe space for gay dads and gay men considering fatherhood, featured today Albert’s film The Commitment. The article, titled The Commitment: A Film About Love, Loss, and Same-Sex Adoption, discusses Albert’s journey as a gay adoptive parent and how his experiences inspired the film.

The Commitment stars Albert M. Chan and Jason Lane Fenton as gay adoptive parents, Mary Niederkorn as the social worker facilitating the adoption, and Kerri Patterson as the Asian-American birthmother. Richard Propes of The Independent Critic wrote, “Emotional resonance, joy and heartbreak…indeed, this is a film that would be difficult to pull off if not for its tremendously talented cast.” The film has screened at 30 film festivals on four continents and won multiple awards, most notably edging out Oscar®-nominated Moonrise Kingdom to win a 2013 NASW Media Award. The film is available at on the compilation Green Briefs. The film is produced by Albert M. Chan, Richard Possemato, Aaron Howland, and Seth Howland.